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for BMW F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Sport Package

for BMW F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Sport Package


JC Sportline

The best place to buy Car body kits

‘’The cars we drive say a lot about us.’’

Are you a true car lover??? If yes, then you better know about the aerodynamically customized components of it, which are commonly known as Car body kits. This kit is mainly composed of exterior modifications of the car. These modifications typically comprised of spoilers for painted car portions, fenders (rear and front bumpers), and side skirts. These extensions and modifications enhance the outlooks of cars and transform a regular car’s appearance into smooth-flowing or aggressive looking lines.

Best Car body kits:

Car body kits are not only to give the car a unique and attractive look, but these kits increase less dragging and convert a standard car into more aerodynamic. These days car body kits have become an automotive hobby and people are widely using it to enhance the overall appearance of the car. Are you in search of a custom body kit to change the looks of your car to match your style?

JC Sportline is an ultimate choice for style seekers and durability lovers, which provides carbon fiber top-grade products that are not only 3D scanned, vacuum bagged, and autoclave-curing but of higher quality and eco-friendly also. JC Sportline is incorporation with Audi, BME, Benz, and other sports car brands for customized ABS tuning parts. In addition to it, JC Sportline has a bright past of 10 years working on carbon fiber light-weighted applications and they provide services for OEM upgrading parts, car accessories distributors, car shops, car tuning and repair services, ABS carbon fiber spoiler wings, bumpers, engine hoods, mirror covers, front grills, front lips, and body kits.

Body kits by JC Sportline:

JC Sportline provides a range of accessories included in body kit for different vehicle brands. We have the availability of every possible item included in the body kit with required specifications and desired styles and colors. JC Sportline also deals with custom made body kit products. Our specialized products include:

·        ABS front grille:

Our stylish and durable range of ABS front grille has a new addition for BMW with the given product specifications.

Product Name: JC-XX78

Product Description: ABS front grille for BMW F87 M2 coupe 2-Door 2014-2019

Position: Front bumper grille

Product Details:

· ABS front grille is a perfect fit with easy installation for BMW F87.

· This product is compatible for 2014-2019 BMW M2 F87

· This product is available with a high-quality clear powder coating of matt black finish that is UV protected also.

· Its 3D design, CNC machine, and high impact ABS material provide its durability and lightweight, sleek look, slat type, and dual slat design.

· Free buckle and instructions to install are also provided.

·        Carbon fiber engine hood:

Carbon fiber engine hood adds sportiness to the vehicles. These hoods are lightweight and make a bigger visual impact. Because of all these superb qualities, JC Sports introduces an amazing carbon-fiber engine hoods range of BMW.

Product Name: ML-XM352

Product Description: Carbon Fiber Engine Hood for BMW F87 M2 F22 220i 218i M235i M Sport 2014-2019

Position: Engine hood

Product Details:

· GTS style carbon fiber engine hood is available with CNC machine, 3D design, and perfect fitting.

· It is made of 3x3 Twill weave real carbon fiber material that is why it’s preferred by a sporty line of the BMW.

· It has a shiny and smooth surface with UV protected clear coating. Its high gloss clear coat ensures no fading and discoloration over time.

· This GTS style carbon fiber hood gives your vehicle a much better look over the stock hood.

· It is available with direct replacement style and original screws.

·        Carbon fiber rear bumper diffuser:

Rear bumper diffuser reduces the overall lift and drag by integrating with the rear bumper. Its carbon fiber material makes it strong and light-weighted.

Product Name: JY-BY020-DZW

Product Description: Carbon fiber rear bumper diffuser for BMW 2Series F87 M2 2014-2017

Position: Back bottom

Product Details:

· This product is known for durability and weight-saving and improves the rear bumper lip exterior appearance and enhances the sporty looks of the vehicle.

· Available with tapping screws.

· It is anti UV, waterproof, and its exterior is textured.

·        Carbon fiber front bumper Lip spoiler:

Spoiler helps to suppress both drags and lifts.

Product Name: JC-HLY062

Product Description: Carbon fiber front bumper lip spoiler for BMW F87 M2 2Door 2016-2018

Position: Front bottom

Product Details:

· It improves more downforce, styling, and aerodynamics of your vehicle.

· Its lightweight enhances the sporty appearance of the car.

· Available with self-tapping screws.

· It has UV protected coating also.

·        Carbon fiber ducktail spoiler:

These are well fit for your BMW and give an iconic look to your vehicle.

Product Name: ML-LQ055

Product Description: Carbon fiber car ducktail spoiler for BMW F22 F87 Coupe 2Door 2014-2019

Position: Back

Product Details:

· It is an outstanding product that enhances the visual impact of your car.

· It provides uniqueness to your car and set it apart from similar models.

· It requires no modification or drilling.

· It is made of top-rated 3K carbon fiber that provides its high tensile strength.

· It has an anti-corrosive wearable coating and anti UV coating also.

JC Sportline is the reliable suppliers of carbon fiber car body kit with strict quality reports and quality control. All products are available with accurate molding, perfect fitment. Place your order today and get a perfect car body kit for your vehicle.


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