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How to avoid carbon parts damage during shipping ? jcsportline tell you!

How to avoid carbon parts damage during shipping ? jcsportline tell you!


Then how to use foam packaging? Now I will show you the process of foam packaging and test the safety protection effect.
Obviously, foam packaging wrapped closer with the product than the bubble film and the wooden frame, and the protection is more effective. 

First of all, a piece of high-strength PE film is spread into the bottom of the carton, and a foaming machine is used to inject the appropriate amount of foaming material into the film

Fold the film inward and place the product on the expanded film. The product will then be wrapped in the expanded foam

Then another film is covered on the top of the product, and then the foam is injected again. The film is folded inward again and the carton is closed

This kind of packaging makes the protective layer and the product completely fit tightly, and it will be very effective to protect the product

Let's test the effect of its security protection?

The product can be protected well even if it is hit, and the probability of damage during transportation will be greatly reduced.

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