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How to install Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for 2015+ Mercedes W205 C43 C63 C250 C200 C300 C400

How to install Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for 2015+ Mercedes W205 C43 C63 C250 C200 C300 C400


The car is not just a travel tool in my heart, but also a partner of my soul.

"Mercedes C Class", which many men craved, is a cool car series wherever it parks. Without a doubt, this series comes with the domineering front bumper, charismatic body line, and strong aura.

JCSPORTLINE has produced a brand new Carbon Fiber Bodykit Rear Bumper Diffuser for Mercedes-Benz C Class W205, fit for Mercedes-Benz W205 C200 C300 C400 Sedan w/ AMG Sports custom rear diffusers/universal rear diffuser Only which further upgrade the vehicle's appeal with a coexist of hardness and fashion.

As shown in the figure, first remove the screw from the rear lip of the original factory

After removal, we will start the installation. Before installation, we should use sandpaper to polish the camera hole so as to increase the adhesive strength

In particular, it should be noted that the glue must be completely solidified when the camera is glued to the reserved hole, otherwise, it will cause the camera to lose and fall off

Now you can start the installation. After connecting the camera line, aim at the bayonet position, fasten and press, and then install the previously removed screws one by one

Installation completed, is not very simple!

The refitting is extremely remarkable, based on the original appearance of Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it can be said that this refitting has completely created a rare and unique high-end mob.

The charm of DIY is ubiquitous, this handmade Mercedes-Benz rear bumper diffuser, produced by China's largest carbon fiber body kits factory, can be installed much faster than expected.

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