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Jcsportline team started a trip to South Africa

Jcsportline team started a trip to South Africa


Last month, Jcsportline team started a trip to South Africa . Just look at the step of our staff will know that this trip must be unusual.custom dash kits/window louvers/replacement mirrors Yes, our partner in South Africa invited us to scan a car. Its the hottest and most popular car now---big devil---Toyota supra!kit car body wholesale/body kitted cars wholesale/wide body kits wholesale

When the first Toyota Supra production car went line. It was auctioned for a sky-high price of 2.1 million dollars . custom body wholesale/aftermarket body kits wholesale/custom spoiler which is already comparable to the top supercars such as Bugatti and Pagani. Of course, the value of this Supra's collection is much higher than the value of the vehicle itself, and its auction price will definitely be higher in the future.

These five photos let us see the true face of the Supra. The new Supra has three large air inlets on the front and a set of slim LED headlights. cheap spoilers/aftermarket wing/spoiler cost We can also see that it has a front lip and side wings at the bottom. Going further, you can see Supra's front wheel arches have vents, a double-bubble roof, aerodynamic side skirts and five-spoke lightweight aluminum wheel hubs, and red brake calipers inside. At the rear of the car, Supra has a full rear wheel arch, warped ducktail wings, and slender three-dimensional rear lights. You can also see its radical rear bumper with rear downdraft diffuser, F1 style central third brake light, and a large dual exhaust tailpipe.

In terms of power, this Supra uses a B58 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 283kW. It only takes 4.1 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers.

I believe you can't help feeling so excited here.Such a hot car, don't you expect the completely different effects brought by its new body kit? And we have already begun. During this trip to South Africa, our professional staff was also among them. We performed a 3D scanning of Toyota Supra. In the near future, we will develop front lip, rear lip, side skirt, rear wing and other accessories, so stay tuned for Jcsportline's new carbon fiber kit for Toyota Supra!

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