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Are carbon fiber car parts worth it?

Are carbon fiber car parts worth it?



Why do our products get unanimous praise from customers? Because maintaining high quality is our consistent pursuit. Maybe some of you are not believe that . Let show our detail production steps to prove it .

1. after finished product the mold .
then we will start clean the mold .
The purpose of mold washing is to remove the stains on the surface of the mold, and to polish the knife marks on the mold with sandpaper and air grinding .
If there are residual knife marks, there will be traces on the surface of subsequent products .

2.It is extremely important that the first layer lies tightly in the shape of the mold and the texture of the fabric is beautifully arranged. After all, there shouldn’t be any wrinkles at this point. Each subsequent layer of carbon fabric is laid on top of the previous one, fixing it again with spray glue. The material has its own strength, so it is easy to trim the excess.

3.vacuum forming is a manufacturing method used to shape plastic materials.
the mold is ready for vacuuming – a process in which the material in it is pressed hard and the air is completely extracted with the vacuum turned on. as the vacuum sucks the air out, the layers in the mold are compressed.

4.It is time to release the epoxy resin from one end of the mold, which with the help of the applied vacuum, gradually saturates the carbon fiber layers in the mold,thus ensuring the lamination of the carbon fiber automotive part.
and then Cut off excess carbon fiber cloth .


5.sand blasting

6.water grinding

7.repair cementing and primer spray

8.once again of process include Gas mill,polishing with a waterstone repair cementing and primer spray

9.Spray light oil

10. last polishing


11. quality testing and then stock in .

JCSPORTLINE has strong technical force and domestic leading professional equipment and production technology. We have many years of experience in carbon fiber auto parts products.
Also we have a strong emphasis on quality. We are extremely proud to say all our products are 100% qualified for the industry standards.
We have always been driven by the same strong values: conducting honest business with a high-quality and innovative product. JCsportline Co., Ltd. is where the customer is always paramount.

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