Jcsportline is not only the biggest carbon car parts manufacturer,but also your carbon tuning parts solution partner!


On the one hand, it is a huge demand in the market.

On the other hand, it is a serious panic on China's modified market;


TOM Yu decided to create a company that can provide high quality, trustworthy and affordable products for the majority of car owners;


it can make everyone believe that China can Produced a good car appearance air force kit product; in a high-tech science and technology seminar held in China, TOM YU met Japanese carbon fiber material expert Mr. Fujiwara, when is the first time to know the carbon fiber material, the carbon fiber used in developed countries In aerospace, it has been widely used in automobile modification in Europe, America and Japan.


This material has the characteristics of light weight and high hardness;


it is especially suitable for lightweight modification of automobiles; with the help of Mr. Fujiwara, the factory was quickly established; the factory named "JC SPORTLINE" Chinese means SPEED POWER SPORT;



TOMYU It took half a year to find the top craftsmen in the industry; they are good at making a hand. There are experts in materials and experts in production technology;

JC SPORTLINE has never forgotten its mission to provide high-quality automotive air force kit products from the beginning of its establishment; after one year of repeated experiments, JC SPORTLINE’S first product was well recognized by the owner of the product; JC SPORTLINE always adheres to the concept of the product for the majority of car owners;

after more than ten years of development, JC SPORTLINE products such as carbon fiber body kits, bumpers, spoiler wings,front bumper lips, side skirts, engine hoods, rear diffusers,mirror cover,grills have been wellknowed and recognized by customers worldwide.


With the development of science and technology, JC SPORTLINE continuously introduces the world's most advanced technology;

the factory has developed and broke through the 3D scanning technology, 3D design technology; 3D printing technology vacuum coating technology CNC processing technology, automation technology;

the adoption of these technologies solved the most painfull problems of non-standard molds and bad installation, At the same time, the quality of the product is greatly improved because of refine job moulds.



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