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Ways to Install a Camera on a Car

by:JCsportline     2020-07-15
As every body know, the car DVD players might connected with a camera to increase your parking system. In theory, all of your car gps DVD players could keep the rear camera input. The question is how? Here are the steps:
1. you should to decide where you want to install the stanza. Most of people put them all of the plastic bumper. Imagine doesn't need in order to drill into the car's sheet shiny. There are many special cameras want to drill a hole of the bumper, since they are prepared for the special classic cars. It fits to the back light exactly. Such as Mitsubishi lancer camera and BMW camera. These special back up cameras will need confirm where plus it really can install them, as the cameras could be hidden as original after installation.
2, you will need drill a hole for the car rearview camera. Look at the installation instructions first to see should not. Remember that do not enhance the risk for hole too large otherwise the backup camera will fallout.
You could position the backup cameras the actual world hole for using the rubber grommet given the car stanza. You need to make sure option provides and grommet are tight.
Invest in DIN tools, especially for car stereo removal, to removal an automotive stereo mounted on clips.The u-shaped tools have some poles that can be inserted in the clips stereo.Upon inserting them, you will hear a 'click', and the car cameras are able to remove easily.The cable of the antenna is now being unscrewed, which is at the far end, close to the passenger side.
Connect the backup camera's power wire to the backup light power wire on your car. You need to connect the wires together. You might use wire cutters to cut the wires, leaving enough excess wire to reconnect. You ought to strip the ends of the car camera wire to show the bare wire using wire strippers. Splice the wires together using a 2-into-1 connector. It would supply the backup camera power when you put the car in reverse. check out our website: http://www.cargpsdvdplayer.com, http://www.carcameras.net, http://www.cargpsdvd.net for details
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