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Tips on how to Repair Plastic Bumpers - 4 Plastic

by:JCsportline     2020-07-24
Let's quickly talk about plastic bumper correct. In the video above we show the basics of the way to properly heat up and push out a large dent that was the results of backing into a fire hydrant. There are 4 main involving automotive plastic that you'll most likely work with when repairing bumpers and trim.
TPO - Sands chunky, melts like butter with high speed grinders and gets stringy when captivating. When you see me cut up OEM covers you'll learn how it melts. I've this on my body kit modification television series.
Thermo-Set - Flexible or Rigid style, sands powdery, does not melt and to be able to repair.
Poly propylene - RV Water Tanks, Dirt Bike Fenders - Very flexible in some situation.
SMC- Sheet molded Compound - New Corvettes have it and looks like fiberglass with white powder. We cover SMC in another article.
IMPORTANT: this is merely if you in order to paint your bumper cover.
Let's talk about TPO Plastics. This one of marijuana plastics to resolve. It contains 3% to 5% wax based mold release within the material.
That's the problem, how do many of us adhesive or paint to stick to mold release? Many shop owners and technicians today will just rather not touch it and throw the bumper away. TPO is repairable, a person have to take a few precautions. You have to to clean your plastics well before doing any associated with sanding. Lacquer thinner works best. Hybrid cars need to clean it two or 3x but its better safe than pitiful. How do you know which plastic is bumper is clean a good amount of? Use the water assess. If the water beads up like a waxed car toned man walking water beading off a ducks back, clean it however. Try the process again until the water stays wet looking on the bumper for a while. In the video above you'll learn fundamentals of how to push out dents like the one you see the actual world picture.
You need to first make without you have enough access to uncover the back for the bumper by removing part or the main bumper cover.
Use a professional grade auto body heat gun as well as begin by heating the creased area of your bumper in a circular motion, then slowly working your way inwards.
Keep a bucket of water and even a rag available as well as can cool the bumper as you shape it.
Slowly use a pry bar, bit of wood to push out the dent, then cool it with your wet rag as you shape.
That's it. Congratulations, you know how auto . plastic bumpers
For some ladies. this is all they want to do. For you, maybe would like to to completely finish and paint it with a basic bumper paint. Later in this series, we will show you how to repair the minor imperfections, apply filler and completely paint the bumper to wait a fresh change.
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